While truck driving has a reputation as a solo profession, many truck drivers are able to take their families on the road. In fact, truck driving couples are a common fixture on the road today. When you and your spouse are thinking of starting new careers, you may want to consider attending a truck driving school in Phoenix. With a CDL, you and your family members will be able to hit the road on a truck driving adventure. Let’s get to know a truck driving family.

Meet Mike and Cheryl

Mike Backer and Cheryl Drury are a truck driving couple who have been on the road together for many years. Mike was originally introduced to the truck driving industry by his father, who was also a commercial truck driver. After graduating from high school, Mike took his early interest in trucking and deliveries and transformed it into a full blown career. After working for a truck driving company for several years and then joining the Air Force, Mike met Cheryl at a bed and breakfast.

Starting a Truck Driving Career

After several co business ventures, Mike and Cheryl were looking for a lucrative career in a thriving industry. For this reason, Mike decided to return to his initial love of truck driving. First, the couple took the time to obtain their CDLs and become licensed commercial truckers. Once they were fully licensed, both Mike and Cheryl were able to secure jobs at a trucking company. With a completely outfitted sleeper truck, the couple was able to take their marriage and family life on the road.

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