September 20th, 2016 | Phoenix Truck Driving Institute

Not every truck driver will have the exact same experience on the road, but it helps to hear driver’s stories so you have some idea of what to expect after truck driving school. Loren West was a long-haul trucker with an interesting background, and he is happy to share what he has learned during his time. Read on if you’d like to get to know one trucker’s story.

Meet Loren West

Before deciding to become a commercial truck driver, Loren West had engaged in a multitude of interesting and exciting experiences. He is the type of person to go out of his way to embrace new challenges as adventures, no matter how tough they may be. These challenges include stock car racing, marathon running, skydiving, and a host of other adrenaline catalysts. He decided his next challenge would be earning his CDL and joining the trucking industry, and he’s happy to share what he has learned.

The Benefits

As someone who lives for adventure and challenge, Loren West was able to find a great deal of positives in driving trucks for a living. He was particularly fond of the sights he was able to see and the places he was able to stay, as well as the concept of moving from place to place each day. On top of that, he was happy to be getting paid for the experience.

The Lifestyle

West got plenty of fulfillment from his time as a truck driver, but he acknowledged that it wasn’t just a joyride. It takes strength and dedication to commit to the long hours and deadlines, and being away from family for a long time can be tough. Although he is no longer a truck driver, he remembers his experience fondly.

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