Team truck driving occurs when two drivers share the drive time for the same truck and haul. As one driver sleeps, the other drives. Continue reading for a few facts on team truck driving.

There are more trucking jobs.

With team driving, the load can move from one place to the other with minimal stops. This typically means there are more trucking jobs available, especially from companies who require a fast delivery time.

The jobs are long.

In addition to companies who want a fast turnaround, there are other companies and jobs which may require long stretches of drive time. These are perfect for team truck driving because the truck can run almost nonstop. These long jobs may be preferable, but they also equal a significant amount of time away from home.

There may be more money.

Due to the availability of jobs, truckers will have a more consistent paycheck. They may also make more money because of the large number of miles driven or the required delivery time. However, this money will likely be split between the team, which means each driver may not make more money than he would driving solo.

It is difficult to sleep.

The whole point of team truck driving is to give drivers the eight hours of sleep that is required before driving again. They will try to sleep in the cab while the other drives. Though this is effective, the sleep is not always productive because the truck is moving and there are various road noises.

Getting along depends on the team.

It is essential that the team is able to get along during the long days and weeks. The drivers must have compatible personalities and enjoy spending a long time together.

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