CDL & Driver Training in Phoenix Arizona

After you graduate from trucking school and obtain your CDL, it’s time to search for a rewarding and enjoyable trucking job. Finding the trucking company that is the best fit for your needs will depend upon your lifestyle, personal preferences, and driving strengths. Your trucking school can offer personalized advice and assistance after graduation to help you step right into the trucking career that’s right for you.

Miles Run

Part of finding the right trucking job for you is determining the number of miles you’d like to run each week. Once you have determined the weekly mileage you want, you can search for the company willing to match that number. Some trucking companies prefer to send drivers on shorter trips at a higher rate per mile, while others may pay less per mile but offer you significantly more miles each week. Compare the pay rates and mileage you can get from each company to find the fit that is right for your financial needs and mileage preferences.

Home Time

Another important consideration when searching for the right trucking employer is the number of days you’d like to spend at home. If you are raising a family, you may prefer an employer who will get you home each weekend to spend time with your family. Alternatively, if you don’t have a family or your children are older, you may be comfortable spending two to three weeks on the road before returning home for a few days off. Talk with your family and determine the amount of home time you need, then search for an employer who will meet this goal.

Did you know that Phoenix Truck Driving Institute offers Lifetime Job Placement Assistance to all of our alumnae? We will help you find the right job in the trucking industry no matter how long ago you took part in our programs. Click through our website to find out more about our job placement services, or call (877) 205-5372 to speak with us about finding the right job today.