January 20th, 2015 | Phoenix Truck Driving Institute

When working as a commercial truck driver, you have to have the right kind of insurance to protect you in case of an unexpected incident. Keep reading to learn more about commercial vehicle insurance and how to get it to meet your needs:

Commercial Vehicles

Before you can find the right kind of insurance for your needs, you have to first determine if your vehicle fits a commercial purpose. Passenger vans, buses, minivans, and agricultural trucks can all be considered commercial vehicles. Cargo vans, car carriers, cement mixers, fifth wheel trucks, pump trucks, tank trucks, and tow trucks are all also commercial vehicles. If you have any doubt about your vehicle, you can talk to the local DMV about your fleet.

Commercial Insurance Rates

There are many factors that work together to determine how much you have to pay for your commercial insurance. The insurance company will look at the age and driving record for anyone driving the insured vehicles. They will also look into the types of licenses each of the drivers has, the makes and models of the vehicles in the fleet, and the kind of cargo that is transported in the vehicles. The amount of passengers riding in the vehicle, and the yearly mileage will also factor into the final rates.

Getting Commercial Insurance

If you start working for a trucking company, the company will most likely be the one to handle the insurance needs. If you plan to go into business for yourself, though, you will need to spend some time researching different options and getting commercial insurance for your company.

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