July 31st, 2016 | Truck Driving

When you graduate from truck driving school and become a commercial truck driver, you will embark on an exciting and fast paced career. Sleep deprivation is one of the top safety concerns for both new and experienced truck drivers. During your time on the road, you may find that it is challenging to ensure that you get enough sleep and rest between your hours behind the wheel. Let’s take a look at why it is so important for every truck driver to get ample rest.

Fatigue Can Cause Accidents

Driver fatigue is a leading cause of accidents for commercial drivers. When you are tired behind the wheel, your ability to react and respond to changes in road conditions may become compromised. In addition, fatigue can also affect your decision making skills as you drive. By making sure that you get plenty of rest when you drive, you can help to avoid an accident.

Sleep Loss Is Linked to Health Issues

Along with making you more likely to experience an accident on the road, sleep deprivation can also result in health issues. For example, a consistent lack of sleep can put you at risk for heart disease and other serious chronic health problems. In addition, lack of sleep can also cause weight gain and other issues for truck drivers.

Rest Is Regulated by the FMCSA

Finally, it is important to get ample rest as a truck driver because driver rest is now regulated by the FMCSA. In order to legally work a shift, a driver must have a 30 minute rest break for every 8 hours of driving. Additionally, the FMCSA has also instituted a mandatory 34 hour rest period for every seven days of driving.
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