Wow! Is it possible? Can I really earn $40K a year without going to a 4-year college?

Yes, it is. Become a truck driver! And start earning over $40K in about 4 weeks

America’s economy runs on transportation. There are truck and bus driving opportunities all over the country.

Have you had an urge to travel? Well, here’s a way to see the 48 contiguous states and get paid for it!

Prefer to stay local or regional? There are lots of opportunities there too!

Take your spouse along and become team drivers. Teams get paid more because you take turns driving and get the cargo to its destination faster.

You can work for a larger trucking company or a small one. Even become an Owner/Operator and have your own business!

Nothing’s more respected than a big rig on the road!

And for Veterans, it’s another way to serve!

Take Troy Davidson for example. He grew up riding along with his uncle, traveling all over Michigan. His family also had a farm, so he was raised with a strong work ethic. After joining the Navy in 1998, where he served for 9 years, he wanted a “bigger and better challenge”.

‘“I felt that I wasn’t giving to America what it had given to me, for all the benefits I received while I was serving. I thought, what better way to give back to the American public than to be an over the road trucker?” Davidson said.
To Davidson, trucking isn’t just a job. It’s another form of service to his country so he applied to trucking school and now drives over the road for Werner Enterprises. He recently became a trainer.
Trucking is a good fit for Davidson because of his military background. He likes to be on time and enjoys the sense of fulfillment he gets from doing his job well.
“When you see one of these blue trucks going down the road, nobody has any clue what’s in the back of it or what they’re hauling, but sooner or later it ends up in somebody’s hands,” Davidson said. “That to me is a reward in itself just to know I was able to be a part of that to help that person’s life out.”
Davidson loves his job, and he especially loves listening to and learning from longtime truckers.
“There’s nothing more rewarding than getting out of my bunk in the morning, going inside and getting my cup of coffee and listening to those old timers talk — and I mean guys that have been doing this for 30 years or more and still love what they’re doing — and asking them questions and asking for their guidance and opinions,” Davidson said.’ ~ Read his whole story in Truckers News


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