August 20th, 2014 | Phoenix Truck Driving Institute

A cargo tank is a specialized truck trailer designed for the safe transportation and delivery of liquids. Cargo tanks may be single- or multi-compartment units capable of carrying one or more liquids within. If you are a truck driver wishing to operate a cargo tank motor vehicle (CTMV), you must undergo specific training to ensure that you can handle your cargo safely to protect yourself and others.

Vehicle Inspections

As a cargo tank motor vehicle driver, it is your job to ensure that your truck and cargo tank are in good condition. Before you leave your supplier or any daily stops, make a full visual inspection of your truck and cargo tank. Make sure the truck is in good working order, including systems such as the brakes, lights, steering mechanism, tires, and horn. Depending upon your cargo, there may be additional components requiring inspection. During your trip, you should continually evaluate the performance of your truck and cargo tank. If you feel any systems are not functioning properly, it is your responsibility to have the issue addressed before continuing on. Finally, after you have stopped for the day, you must perform a thorough post-trip inspection. A post-trip inspection is identical to a pre-trip inspection; in most cases, CTMV drivers are required to submit reports at the end of each workday recording that their vehicle and cargo tank are in good shape.

Safety Training

In addition to learning proper vehicle inspection procedures, you may also need specialized safety training before you can transport hazardous materials. This training will include safety procedures you should follow in case of an emergency, including instruction in the use of any protective or safety equipment. Your safety training may also include information about cargo tank truck rollover prevention, which can help you to avoid dangerous accidents.

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