June 19th, 2016 | Truck Driving

As a commercial truck driver, you will have many unique jobs that will defy your expectations of what it means to drive a truck. From transporting unique goods to travelling in places that you’ve never been before, you can expect to have varied experiences when you drive your commercial truck. One of the fantastic positions available for truck drivers is to transport NASCAR vehicles. Here is a look at the day in the life of a NASCAR trucker.

Preparing the Truck

A NASCAR trucker’s workweek begins well in advance of the weekend’s races. Earlier in the week, it is necessary for the truck driving team to take the time to prepare the truck for the trip ahead. Some of the tasks that must be performed include replacing any damaged parts, as well as making sure that the interior of the truck has been completely cleaned.

Travelling to the Race

After the truck has been cleaned out and prepared, the next step will be to travel to the race. Since NASCAR races take place all over the country, it may be necessary to spend several days or longer traveling to the race location. In order to travel safely over long distances, many NASCAR truckers work in teams of two.

Arrival to the Track

Once the long drive has been completed, the truck will arrive at the racetrack. Typically, the arrival will occur very early in the morning hours. Once the truck has been delivered, the job of the truck driver is to help make sure that the racecar is delivered safely to the track. After the racecar has been safely delivered, the trucker will have the opportunity to watch the race.

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