October 17th, 2014 | Phoenix Truck Driving Institute

The time has never been better to pursue a career in the trucking industry. As the economy recovers from the recent depression, the demand for both raw materials and consumer goods is on the rise. As trucking companies strive to meet these new and increased demands, thousands of truck driving jobs are opening each month, just waiting for qualified CDL drivers to apply.

The Driver Shortage

The trucking industry has been experiencing a driver shortage for years. Although the slower economic climate of recent years had masked this problem somewhat, the upturn in the economy has only exacerbated the issue. As the demand for the transportation of goods and raw materials rises, trucking companies are searching for enough qualified CDL drivers to deliver this cargo. New FMCSA regulations to reduce fatigue and increase safety have also impacted the transportation industry, as rules limiting the amount of time a driver can be on the job require that companies hire more drivers to maintain the same volume of work.

The Benefits of Being a Driver

As a truck driver, the market is primed to offer you the greatest benefit from seeking a job today. Trucking companies are offering pay raises, excellent benefits, flexible schedules, and more. As a qualified driver in a market with thousands of open positions, you have the luxury of searching out the right company for your needs. Recruiters oftentimes visit CDL schools to speak with potential employees, allowing you to take the time to learn more about possible employers before you finish your training. Some employers are even offering tuition packages to pay for your CDL classes, which can be an excellent option if you are looking for financial aid to attend truck driving school.

You can take advantage of the favorable conditions for CDL drivers by enrolling at Phoenix Truck Driving School to begin your career as a truck driver! Stop by our website to find out more about the training and classes we offer, or call (877) 205-537 to discuss admissions, financial aid, and benefits for military veterans.