September 11th, 2014 | Phoenix Truck Driving Institute

Although your time spent at a CDL school provides you with valuable information and experience, much of your experience as a trucker will come from life on the road. While you cannot predict every situation you will face, learning from others is a valuable way to prepare for life as a trucker. Keeping in mind that anything can happen and staying alert behind the wheel at all times are two of your most valuable tools as you pursue your trucking career.

Be Wary Around Cars

As a trucker, you will often share the road with smaller vehicles. It’s important to recognize that most car drivers don’t know how to drive safely around a truck. Additionally, many drivers will intentionally make risky moves to try to get around or past your truck. Keeping a wary eye on the cars around you and remaining alert at all times will help you to stay safe around these drivers. Although it may be easy to become frustrated, it’s also important to keep a cool head, even when other drivers are in the wrong.

Take Advantage of Truck Stop Amenities

While the quality of truck stops varies greatly, taking advantage of truck stop amenities can help you feel more at home even while you are on the road. Many major truck stops feature food courts, free Wi-Fi, and even movie theaters or television lounges where you can take a break from the road. Additionally, getting to know your fellow truckers can be one of the major perks of the job—you’ll meet people from all walks of life headed to every destination you can imagine. Swapping stories and advice while relaxing at a truck stop is an experience like no other.

Life as a trucker is a truly unique experience. You can find out more about working for the trucking industry as a CDL driver by attending one of Phoenix Truck Driving Institute’s open house events. We also invite you to explore our CDL training options in Phoenix online or by calling (877) 205-5372 to discuss admissions and financial aid options.