December 22nd, 2017 | On The Road

Just because you’re on the road during the holidays doesn’t mean there’s no time for family traditions. The holidays are a time for families to be together, even if they can’t be physically near each other. Truck drivers can still spend time with their families and create new traditions through team driving or family video chats. Keep reading and create unique holiday traditions on the road.

Team Driving
Everyone wants to be with the people they love during the holidays, and being a truck driver doesn’t mean you should be excluded. For many people, the ideal solution is to bring family on the road. Team driving lets you pair up with your partner and take on your trucking route together. This means you won’t have to be away from your significant other any time you don’t want to, and you can create new holiday traditions to enjoy together at work. If you want to spend as much time as you can with the person you love most, make your own traditions with team driving.

Family Video Chats
If you have a big family, it’s not practical to bring everyone with you on your trips. However, this doesn’t mean you have to be completely apart for the holidays. If you have a relatively modern cell phone, tablet, or laptop computer, all you need is an internet connection or cell service to see your family. Video chat software is widely available, and you can easily find a free application that will let you spend the holidays with your family, even if it’s remotely.

Getting your CDL from a truck driving school in Phoenix is the first step to starting a truck driving career, but it doesn’t have to be a step away from your family. Call the Phoenix Truck Driving Institute at (877) 295-5372 and see how we can help you earn your commercial driver’s license.