Team trucking is a career option that allows you to drive a single truck with a partner. This form of trucking is popular with couples that don’t like the idea of long periods of separation. If you’re considering team trucking with your spouse, there are a few factors that can help you decide if this is the right move for your trucking career and your relationship. Knowing there are issues you may face can help you either commit to work through them or decide that team trucking might not be a good option.

Benefits of Team Trucking

In many cases, team trucking with a spouse can enhance your truck driving experience. Because you and your spouse already know what it is like to live, eat, and sleep in the same space, you’ll already know that you can get along in the cab. Team trucking allows you to make longer runs and earn more money because one trucker can rest while the other drives. Forming a trucking team with your spouse can also help to combat many of the issues lone truckers face, such as depression, loneliness, and poor physical health.

Downsides of Team Trucking

Couples may find it difficult to spend every waking moment together—in some cases, the separation that comes with different jobs can be beneficial. Alternatively, you may realize that you don’t get to spend much time together on the job, particularly if one spouse must sleep while the other drives. If you or your spouse is a “backseat driver,” this can cause tension when handling the truck. Additionally, if you or your spouse cannot sleep in a moving truck, team trucking may not be right for you.

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