As a commercial truck driver, you will be responsible for the maintenance and operation of a large commercial vehicle. In order to make sure that your truck is ready for all of your hauls, it is important to perform routine maintenance on your rig. At a truck driving school, you will spend many of your class hours learning about how to properly maintain and inspect your commercial truck. To help you prepare for your first truck driving job, here is a look at some common trucking mistakes that should be avoided at all costs.

Incorrect Record Keeping

Incorrect record keeping is a common trucking mistake that can result in serious issues for your truck. When you perform a pre trip inspection or any other maintenance service on your vehicle, you will want to keep detailed records of your actions. By keeping proper records, you will know when your vehicle is ready for its routine maintenance services.

Neglecting Oil Changes

Another common trucking mistake is neglecting oil changes when they are due. Just like a passenger vehicle, your commercial truck requires regular oil changes in order to remain in safe and smooth operating condition. By changing your oil at the correct intervals, you can help keep your truck on the road for many miles to come.

Forgetting Pre Trip Inspections

Whenever you set out on a trucking assignment, you will be required to perform a pre trip inspection on your vehicle. During this inspection, you will evaluate the quality and performance of many of your vehicle’s most important driving and safety systems. If you forget your pre trip inspection, you may wind up with mechanical failures during your trip.

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