During the skills portion of your CDL exam, you are required to perform a pre-trip inspection of your truck. This skill is necessary for all truck drivers, who must be able to recognize issues that could affect the safety or performance of their truck while on the road. Your instruction at CDL school will cover pre-trip inspections to ensure your success during the CDL exam, as well as your continued safety on the road throughout your career as a trucker.

The Importance of a Pre-Trip Inspection

As a truck driver, safety is of the utmost importance while on the road. The main purpose of a pre-trip inspection is to identify technical issues with your truck that could pose safety hazards while the truck is in operation. Thus, a pre-trip inspection should be performed every time you drive your truck to confirm it is safe and ready for use on public roadways. Because this inspection is so important, it is also part of the CDL exam you are required to take to earn your CDL and begin working as a truck driver.

The Steps in a Pre-Trip Inspection

There are several steps involved in a pre-trip truck inspection. During your inspection, you should perform a visual check of the engine and all its belts, drives, and hoses to ensure they are intact. You should also look for leaks and check the levels of necessary fluids, such as oil, power steering fluid, and coolant. A full pre-trip inspection should always include a check of the clutch, gearshift, mirrors, and windshield, while also ensuring that any necessary emergency equipment is carried in your cab at all times.

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