If you want to earn your commercial driver’s license, a truck driving school is an excellent place to start. It’s tough to save up for school when you don’t have the job yet, but there are ways to get your foot in the door. Read on and see how you can start school, even if you haven’t saved up for tuition.

Look for Grants
The best way to start your career as a commercial driver is to enroll in a CDL school. If you don’t have enough money to pay for tuition, don’t worry—there are still options. You can go through your CDL school of choice to reach grant resources that may pay for your education.

Qualify for Reimbursement

If you haven’t saved up for tuition but you could potentially pay the price anyway, there are ways you can be reimbursed for the money you spent. Certain companies will pay for your training, and if you qualify, you might get the entire amount given back to you. In this case a loan from a friend, family member, or bank might be all you need to start your career.

Go Directly into the Workforce
When you do get started at a truck driving school, there’s a good chance that the next step will be full-time employment with a reputable driving company. Many CDL schools offer job assistance programs, and you’ll also make connections with people in the industry who might be able to help you once you’re ready. Once you’re in, you should have no problem paying off the money you borrowed for your schooling.

At Phoenix Truck Driving Institute, we want to help you prepare to earn your commercial driver’s license and find your dream job in the trucking industry. You can visit our website to learn about our financial aid options, or you can call our CDL school in Phoenix at (877) 295-5372 to learn more.