December 30th, 2014 | Phoenix Truck Driving Institute

As the trucking industry began to grow in the 1920s, truck stops appeared as facilities designed to cater to trucks and truckers. Originally providing fuel and little else, truck stops have evolved over the past century into the large and even luxurious accommodations they are today. Modern truck stops offer truck drivers and other visitors alike a wide variety of food, fuel, and other amenities while traveling across America.

Iowa 80 Truck Stop

The Iowa 80 Truck Stop is the world’s largest truck stop, currently serving 5,000 customers a day and providing parking for 900 tractor-trailers, 20 buses, and 250 cars. You’ll also find a 300-seat restaurant, a full-size food court, a convenience store, a three-bay truck wash, and services that include a chiropractor, a dentist, and a barber shop. Truckers can also enjoy this truck stop’s movie theater, TV lounge, private showers, pet wash, and Super Truck Showroom on their way through the Hawkeye State.

Derrick Travel Plaza

North Carolina’s Derrick Travel Plaza offers truckers a great place to gas up and refuel their bodies as well. This truck stop features an award-winning 24-hour restaurant, wireless internet, and electric charging stations that allow you to power electronics and other gadgets without the need to leave your truck idling. You’ll also find an onsite UPS store, Post Office, convenience store, TV and movie room, shower area, and laundry facilities.

Willkomm’s PETRO Mobil Truck Stop

Willkomm’s PETRO Mobil truck stop in Racine, Wisconsin, offers a variety of features and services you’ll love. The onsite chiropractor offers $25 spinal adjustments and can even perform sleep studies and DOT physicals if your certificate is up for renewal. This truck stop also features truck repair, tire sales, and an Iron Skillet restaurant if you’re craving a fresh, homestyle meal.

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