September 19th, 2015 | Phoenix Truck Driving Institute

When you are on the hunt for a thrilling and lucrative career opportunity, you may want to consider enrolling in a CDL school in Phoenix. After you attend truck driving school and get your CDL, you will be fully qualified to start your career as a commercial truck driver. In recent years, there has been a documented shortage of qualified truck drivers. With truck driving companies actively recruiting thousands of new drivers, becoming a certified truck driver is a smart career move. Let’s take a look inside the shortage of truck drivers in America.

Causes of the Truck Driver Shortage

While it is impossible to directly pinpoint the cause of the truck driver shortage in America, experts have identified several factors that may have contributed to the issue. It has been noted that many experienced truck drivers are reaching retirement age, resulting in a shortage of qualified workers.

How the Industry Has Responded

In response to the truck driver shortage in the United States, the truck driving industry has made active changes to recruit new drivers. For example, many truck driving companies are offering fantastic starting salaries of 50,000 yearly or more. As a new truck driver, you can feel confident that you will have many opportunities available to you.

The Benefits of Getting a CDL

If you have decided that you would like to join the rapidly expanding field of commercial truck driving, it is important to attend truck driving school and obtain your CDL. With a Commercial Drivers License, you will have the certifications required to join an established truck driving company or work for yourself as an owner operator.

For more information about the many advantages of attending CDL school and getting your Commercial Drivers License, do not hesitate to contact Phoenix Truck Driving Institute. We offer programs for new and established truck drivers, and we will provide you with the experience you need to get on the road. Call us at (877) 205-5372 to learn more about our programs today.