phoenix az truck driving careers
November 30th, 2014 | Phoenix Truck Driving Institute

Truck driving school prepares future truckers to handle any load safely and efficiently. If you are interested in investing in the future of the trucking industry, becoming a truck driver instructor could be a great career choice for you. Keep reading to discover how you can become an instructor at a CDL school to make a difference in the lives of new truck drivers today.

Earn and Maintain Your CDL

The first step in becoming a CDL instructor is earning your CDL yourself. You’ll need to earn a Class A CDL by taking classes at a trucking school and passing both portions of the CDL exam. Furthermore, you’ll also need to take the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations test and pass a physical exam stating you are physically fit to be a truck driver. You will need to take a physical every two years, or more often if you have certain medical conditions, to maintain your CDL.

Work as a Trucker

Before you can become an instructor at a truck driving school, you’ll need experience of your own as a truck driver. Most CDL schools require that instructor applicants have at least three years of trucking experience; however, some schools may require more than three years. Keep in mind that you’ll also need to maintain a clean driving record for a strong application as a CDL instructor; you may not be considered for the position if you have more than three moving violations over a span of three years. A DUI will likely also disqualify you from becoming a trucking instructor.

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