July 31st, 2015 | Truck Driving

If you have ever considered attending truck driving school, but haven’t been sure you could afford it, there are many options to help you pay for your trucking education. Student loans and grants take the burden of paying upfront for your CDL training off your shoulders, allowing you to enroll in the classes you need to pursue a successful career in trucking. Keep reading to explore a few of the financial aid options available to you if you’d like to enroll at Phoenix Truck Driving Institute.

Workforce Investment Act

The Workforce Investment Act provides federal funding for eligible youths and adults. Individuals who qualify for WIA assistance include veterans, new workforce entrants, laid-off workers seeking employment in an alternate industry, displaced homemakers, and self-employed individuals. The WIA provides not only financial assistance for skills training, but also access to job search resources and employment counseling and support.

Vocational Rehabilitation

The Vocational Rehabilitation program focuses on providing employment training and assistance to individuals with disabilities. This program receives both federal and state funding for those with a documented disability that require assistance to find and retain permanent employment. VR services include counseling, employment plan development, and financial aid for skills training to help you attain your employment goals.

Maricopa Workforce Connections

Maricopa Workforce Connections is Maricopa County’s Workforce Development Division, which was created to provide specialized guidance and assistance for individuals seeking job skills and gainful employment. This group provides supplemental financial aid for certain types of skills training programs if all other financial aid opportunities have been exhausted, so it’s best to look into this resource if you haven’t been successful elsewhere.
If you’d like to learn more about financial aid or CDL training at Phoenix Truck Driving Institute, please visit us on the web or call (877) 205-5372 to discuss our programs and other assistance options. We also accept GI Bill educational benefits, provide non-financial assistance for qualifying pre-hires, and offer lifetime job placement assistance to help you enjoy a successful trucking career.