The 1st Thing You Need to Learn in How to Drive a Truck
February 10th, 2017 | Truck Driving Careers

You might not know exactly what you want to do when it comes to the trucking industry, but a CDL school in Phoenix can help you figure it out. There are even several jobs in the field that aren’t necessarily centered around the driving aspect. Keep reading if you’re interested in advancing your trucking career beyond the road.


Just like not every position in retail involves stocking shelves and not every position in the food industry involves working at the counter, not every job in trucking puts you on the road. Professional drivers will get the cargo from one place to another, but there needs to be an operations department that makes sure everything goes according to plan. If the actual driving aspect might not be right for you, consider becoming a dispatcher or another member of operations.

CDL Instructor

Many people enjoy lengthy and fulfilling careers as truck drivers, but sometimes circumstances change. You might love being on the road all the time until you start a family, or you might simply have seen all you want to see. If you want to remain in the trucking industry but not on the road, you might look into becoming a CDL instructor. Everyone needs a CDL in order to work in the industry, and your expertise can help newcomers earn theirs.


If you’re ready for a change but you don’t necessarily want to leave the road entirely, an owner-operator might be the position for you. You will need a wealth of experience in the industry to be able to own and operate your own trucking company, but that means you deserve the extra level of freedom and control.

The road never ends in the trucking industry, but it starts with a CDL school in Phoenix. We can help you prepare for any type of career within the trucking industry at Phoenix Truck Driving Institute, and you can reach us at (877) 295-5372. You can also visit our website to learn about us today.