November 8th, 2016 | Veterans
Phoenix, AZ #25 of the Top Places for Veterans

Phoenix, AZ #25 of the Top Places for Veterans among large cities.

Every year, the Military Times comes out with a list of “Best for Vets: Places to Live 2016 — new rankings of 125 cities“, listing the top places for veterans in the U.S.

Their criteria:

  • Economic factors, like unemployment rates and cost of housing.
  • The availability of military and veteran culture and services, including the size of the veteran population and nearby VA medical facilities.
  • Livable conditions, like health facilities, schools and traffic.


581 places, as designated by the U.S. Census Bureau, were considered, but only 125 made the cut:

  • The top 25 among 76 large cities with populations of 200,000 or more.
  • The top 50 among 240 medium-sized cities with populations of 75,000 to 199,999.
  • The top 50 among 265 small cities with populations of fewer than 75,000.” (Military Times)

In the Greater Phoenix Valley, 4 cities made the list of the Top Places for Veterans:

Chandler, AZ named #15 in the top places for Veterans

Chandler, AZ named #15 in the top places for Veterans among medium-sized cities.

Phoenix just made it at #25 of the large cities.

Out of the medium-sized cities, Gilbert made #14, Chandler #24 and Scottsdale made the top 30 at #29.

Phoenix Truck Driving Institute is proud to be located just west of Downtown Phoenix and a designated an “Arizona Veteran Supportive Campus“. Besides helping vets get free training through their G.I. Bill Benefits, we have instructors who are veterans themselves. They know how to relate to veterans. And the employment opportunities for veterans with Commercial Drivers Licenses are plentiful.

If you’re wondering which cities made made #1 in their lists:

  • San Diego, CA – top large city
  • Alexandria, VA – top medium city
  • League City, TX – top small city


Oh, by the way, Goodyear, AZ, made #43 in the top 50 small cities list. Goodyear, is in the “West Valley”, so we’ve got the Valley covered from east to west with a Veteran-friendly atmosphere.