Winter 2017 has been rough on drivers in the north, Midwest and East Coast states. Watching the videos would scare anyone from thinking of getting a CDL license.

Now is the time to get your CDL license in Phoenix, AZ

Traffic at a standstill in snowy Portland, Oregon. Picture courtesy of the Weather Channel.

However, Phoenix, Arizona is the perfect place to learn how to drive a truck and get your CDL license right now. Here’s why:

1. No Snow


2. No Ice – at least not on the roads.


3. No heavy winds – because of a semi-truck’s high profile, it is subject to being tipped over by heavy winds.

Local Trucking Opportunities

There are plenty of local and regional trucking jobs where you only have to deal with local traffic or the occaisional rain shower. If you stay in the southern part of the state and maybe make a run to San Diego or Los Angeles ports, you’re probably not going to encounter dangerous weather. Oh, wait! I didn’t mention the occasional dust storms. Those happen on the open roads usually during the summer monsoons.

But then again, the Greater Phoenix Valley has a huge Snowbird community of folks who live here during the winter and go back north in the Spring; only to return the next fall to escape the cold again.

The beauty of the trucking life is the Snowbird lifestyle fits perfectly!

You can have your CDL and be starting your truck driving career in 4 weeks!

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